16 Jun

As a Christian, it is good to understand that you are called a Christian so that you can be like Christ. You should hence do the things that Christ did which all focus on love and holiness. It is important that you always behave like Christ by loving others as you love yourself and ensure that you do the things that impress Yahweh. You should also understand that studying the bible is part of you as c Christian for you will be able to understand the things that Yahweh loves ad those that he doesn’t love. Yahweh encourages togetherness by sharing meals with people as seen in several instances in the bible. There are numerous instances that Yahweh celebrated with people and it’s important that we do the same so make sure that we are sharing with others and that we are encouraging togetherness. You need to learn some of the Friday night and Saturday Shabbat celebrations that you should practice as a Christian here.

The feast of unleavened bread. This feast lasts for seven days and it is celebrated by the Jewish and Christians. It is a feast that shows the bitter journey of the children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan. This was not an easy journey. It’s a journey that took forty years of misery in Egypt before God finally delivered his people and made them reach the promised land of Egypt. During the time the Israelites were in the bondage of Pharaoh, they went through a lot of torture and pain which included forced labor and many more. God saw the suffering of his people and promised to save them from the torture of the pharaoh in the land of Egypt. However, the redemption journey was not easy. It was a journey that was filled with a lot of problems since Pharaoh did not want to release these people no matter what happens.

God did so 10 plague miracles to convince Pharaoh to release his people into the Promised Land but he became adamant until the last, miracle where all the first born children had to die and so was the son of pharaoh. God told the children of Israel to slaughter a lamb without defect and paint their doors with its blood so that they could not have their children killed by the angel of death. During that night, the son of Pharaoh died and this is when he allowed the people of Israel to leave Egypt. During this time, the people of Egypt had to take bitter herbs with unleavened bread since there was no time to prepare the bread well for they had to leave in hurry. Click here to learn more about this celebrations.

Another celebration is the celebration of the crossover|passover. After the tenth plague, Pharaoh agreed to release the people of Israel and that is when they has a [Passover celebration to celebrate that special day to them when they crossed the red sea to their promised land, Israel. The distance between Egypt and Israel was short but it took them forty years to finally reach the Promised Land. During this night, the people of Israel had to slaughter a male lamb without blemish.

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